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visual solutions for your company and brand.

established. 1995

The Bear Branding Company have been in the design industry since July of 1995.

Our love for all things design and branding related, has provided us with decades of meeting amazing clients and creating some eye-popping brands and visuals.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, even if it can be quite blunt at times... we are not 'Yes People'.

what do we specialise in?

Our main department is everything branding. Your visual identity is our number one reason for existence.

Naturally, we are all highly skilled graphic designers with around 100 years of combined experience.

With web design, advert creation and concept design thrown in for good measure.

our solutions

In 1998, we stopped calling what we do, 'Services'... we're not caterers.
So, we have 'Solutions' for business image and visual problems.

Visual Identity:

What is the most important aspect of every successful company? Effective and relevant branding and visual identity. You want to be instantly recognisable? Connect with us today to make a start.


Have your own creative consultant on hand to ensure that you are on schedule, within budget and fully prepared for every project. Your consultant will handle everything.


With more than 100 years of combined experience between us, we know what we are talking about. What is right for your company and how to achieve the best results with your imagery and ads.


The first website we made was in 1999 and the times have changed massively in such a relatively short time. Your website now has to be visually appealing and functional on so many devices.  
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