Bear with us...

all great brands
need to use the

freshest ingredients

Put together using traditional values and good old fashioned honesty.  With a twist of the modern.

You can be bland or
you can be delicious.


You have a
great recipe for
your brand?

We have all of the

Starting our first design “company” in the 1990’s, you can imagine how much we have had to evolve over the years. 

Our first design job was hand-drawn flyers for our schools bands and events.  Before social media, that was how we reached our audience.

We survived the nineties, the noughties and we are still here... collecting ingredients for you.

Our clients range from sole trader start-ups to very well established companies and everyone is
given the same level of service.


Adding a splash
of delicious and
sweet design.

Perfected over many
years for you.

From the concepts of your branding, right through to the launch of your website.

Design is more than just making pretty pictures; it is a psychology that commands the eye to look at it for more than 2 seconds.

The wrong designer will cost you money and you will have to find a professional to repair the damage of the imposters.

You may have a friend or relative that once made a logo in MS Paint or a colleague that owns a copy of Photoshop and thinks they are a designer… these people cost you money, time and relationship-failure.

almost ready.

Oh yes. The
visuals are
too important
to leave out

Imagine a brand
without the visuals.

Visual identity is what differentiates your company from the pack.

Your visuals need to be 100% you and not a cheeky copy of another company or identity.

Creating your visual identity is a lot of research and more planning than any other aspect of your business, especially in this digital age.

We work with you closely and keep everything simple and to-the-point.  The process will involve questionnaires for you to complete, which will help us to achieve the right visuals for your brand

taste test.

mix properly.

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