The Bear Branding Company has no use for fancy gimmicks or technical jargon to trick you into working with us... We rely on clear and to-the-point communication, mutual understanding and trust.  Whether you are looking for the creation of your new brand, refreshing a tired brand or just need a one-off advert... perhaps a shiny new logo?  Get in touch and see how we can help you.

We cannot express how much we love graphic design, it is in our blood and it's all around us.  The team at Bear Branding Co are committed to visual perfection and we are dedicated to every project that we have been hired to do... If you can find a more passionate and professional team, you have our blessing to hire them instead.  You won't.

creative Solutions

The modern business needs to have experts on their side to keep up with competitors. Our business solutions have been created to achieve the best results with minimal time and cost.


There comes a time with every business or service, when you realise that you can't do everything yourself.  

As much as you would like to handle every aspect of your brand... sooner or later you need to pass the responsibilities onto a professional designer that knows the industry.


What is the most important aspect of every brand or successful company? Simply, it is the effective and relevant branding and visual identity.  

The visual identity of your brand is without a doubt, the element that requires the most research and development, the wrong visuals can have a huge negative impact on your business.


Have your own creative consultant on hand to ensure that you are on schedule, within budget and fully prepared for every project. Working closely with your in-house team.

As a result of the Covid madness, this service is now completely remote and has proven to be a hugely successful so far.


Since the first website we made...back in 1999, times have changed massively, and websites now have to be visually appealing and functional on so many devices.

Even choosing the right domain name, can mean the difference between success and failure.

make the

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