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A History

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The 1990's were a decade of grunge and...erm.
The Decade of Dirty Design
In the 1990's the world was a very different place and graphic design was an entirely different industry.

We had the birth of the grunge scene and graphic design was so heavily influenced by that style. (see Dave Carson example)

When we joined the ranks of graphic designers, everything was created by hand and we did a lot of walking; to clients, printers etc

The internet was a new ("it'll never take off") thing and our switch to digital didn't happen until the early 2000's... we could no longer avoid it.

Our clients knew then that we were a rare entity (old school), due to our transparency and no-nonsense approach.
Good or bad- it's still experience
Practice makes progress
Obviously, our journey began pre-internet so it was very hands-on and exhausting. Every design was sketched out and tweaked and tweaked some more (multiple times), then and only then would we start the digital process.

A practice that we still use today. Modern software such as the Adobe Creative Suite are amazing and forever finding new ways to make a designers life that little bit easier, however, there is no substitute for a sharpened pencil and a fresh notepad.

Over the decades (man, we're old) we have adapted to using the internet as a luxury rather than a necessity... we are still to fully embrace social media, we are simply too busy to put the hours in to get the full benefit.  Old Dogs.

We often refer to ourselves as 'Traditionally-Modern' and it sums us up perfectly. Traditional values, such as; honesty, transparency and value, with modern techniques and modern software.

As with all companies, we have had our ups and downs and we still make mistakes... we're only human.

Our Promise:

Traditionally Modern
With 2020 serving up a big portion of f**k you, with Covid-19, it is more important
than ever to be brand aware and visually magnetic.

Our promise to all of our clients is a very simple promise.
We will go without sleep, we will refuse to socialise or even talk to our kids until we have completed your
project.  It's fair to say that by now, you realise that we won't keep things from you or tell you what you want to hear... it's just not in our DNA to talk BS or mince our words...

We are "old school" and don't have time for it.

If you require a new direction, you can talk to us and we give it to you straight... like a grown-up.

Bringing beautiful visuals and function together.

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