the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

“the process of branding should be considered in global terms”

Creating the branding for a new business, you need to understand what branding is exactly.

The most important thing to realise is, it is not just your logo.

Branding is the customer experience. Key points that define the type of company you are and the kind of customers you want to attract.

Key points such as:

  • Personality
  • Logos
  • Colours
  • Imagery
  • Typography
  • Overall design

So it’s important that your branding is consistent.


The easiest way to work this one out is to think of your brand as a person:

  • What kind of reputation would your company have as a person?
  • What does the person think of their customers?
  • How does the person present themselves in public?
  • Does this person have a larger-than-life personality or are they more reserved?


It goes without saying that the logo is the first visual representation of your brand.  It is what we use to identify our company and what sets us apart from our peers.

A good logo is simple, informative, and not to be designed with “current trends” in design.  It has to be timeless; you can update it a few years down the line should you feel the need.

  • NEVER use a ‘Logo-Maker’ app or software.
  • Never “borrow” someone else’s.
  • Never use clipart or watermarked artwork.

You should be hiring a professional, not hiring a friend or trying to things yourself.


The logo colour palette is not something that we at Bear Branding Co believe to be TOO important.

Does Nike or Adidas have a particular colour?

OK Coca-Cola is red and white but, that does not have to matter to your company.  You can create a beautiful logo and have as many colour variations as you like. We do.

Colours are very important however, if you run a Church Netball team, you do not want a heavy colour palette if you run a nightclub…avoid the beige.


Keeping it simple here.  When you choose a font for your brand, stick with it.

Rule of thumb is to have two fonts, one for headers etc and one for general text.  It provides a nice contrast and it looks visually balanced.

Overall Design.

If you are unsure about your overall design style, you can ‘have a Google’ and look what others in your industry are doing (don’t copy, be inspired).

You need to have a visual that grabs attention. According to Google you have milliseconds to make an impression.

The bold, clean and informative rule is the key.  Just get to the point and make it look good.

Hiring a professional graphic designer will save you a lot of the stresses and hours and hours of research that is required to create a successful visual identity.

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