I own multiple businesses and I hired my designer for one of them

But now I need work doing for my other business… what is the best approach with my designer?

OK, lets break it down to simplify it a bit:

  1. Business A: hired your designer and negotiated a price for X amount of work and you are more than happy with their work.
  2. Business B: needs a new logo
  3. Business C: is in need of new marketing material, ads etc.

Do you automatically assume that you were paying one fee that covers A, B and C?  Or did you tell your designer that you only need work for Business A?

The safest approach is to email your designer and explain that you are needing a few projects for your other businesses and ask what the damage will be.

If your designer comes back to you with “You will have to pay the same amount as you do for Business A!“.  You need to renegotiate and maybe even look for a new designer.

The true professional will (99% of the time) will come back with “We can sort something out, I’m sure!“.  And then ask you about your budget and how often you will be needing work done for your other businesses.

Another approach is to simply say “I need a couple of adverts for Business C, what’s the best price you can do for me?”

Your designer is more than likely offer you a great price for some additional work and will be very grateful too.  And if your designer is really nice, he/she might do it for free anyway… in those cases; send them a little something as gratitude.

You should never do the following:

  1. Contact your designer and assume you will get work done for your other businesses, just because you already pay for Business A.
  2. Hold your designer to ransom or threaten to take your business elsewhere because they won’t do a freebie for you.
  3. Use the phrase “but I’m already paying you“.  You agreed on a fee for one business and you know that you’re trying to pull a fast one so, don’t be that person.
  4. Play dumb.  You can try but you will just be making yourself look silly and completely unprofessional in every way.

Put yourself in their position, imagine one of your customers trying to get more than they paid for, how would you like it?

Bottom line… don’t be a d**k!

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