Appearances can and often are deceptive, especially when it comes to graphic designers.

We look and sometimes sound like normal people but, we are not.

Our lives consist of:

  • Staring at billboards, convinced we can do better.
  • Rewinding television commercials to pick them apart.
  • Envisioning logos and shapes in everything (Even food)
  • Looking at posters with our heads on a side (usually to the right)
  • Sitting alone for hours, staring at a blank screen.
  • Finding a cure for imposters syndrome
  • Attempting to find a hidden image in the negative space of a logo.

Our lives are sheltered and we don’t get out much, we spend 90% of our days alone and we often don’t talk to other humans for days.

When the world was placed into a covid-enduced lockdown, your friendly neighbourhood graphic designer couldn’t tell the difference.

So, we sometimes like it if you talk to us in a certain way that makes our lives a little easier and we get the project completed faster too.

Follow these simple little guides to making your life easier and your designers life less “MEH”


Details, details and more details.

The more information you give us, the better.  Even if you went deep into the foundations of the job you need us to do… we would still ask for more info.

Give us full, detailed and thorough breakdowns and we can complete your project in half the time.

  • Send samples of what you like.
  • Include colours (we’re British, we put a U in colours)
  • Links to examples


24 hour delivery.

We are not Amazon and don’t have a prime option.  If you urgently need a project on a Tuesday, don’t send it on a Monday afternoon.

(Unless your us, we get that all the time and we love a challenge)

Give your designer enough time to:

  1. Read your email
  2. Look through all of the excruciating details you have provided.
  3. Get settled in with a coffee
  4. Start the concept process
  5. And then actually design the bloody thing, it takes time.
  6. Send to you, just so you can tell us you don’t like it.
  7. Do 32 versions for you to look through and not reply until the next day because you finish at 4pm.



Now, we know that we are the trained professionals that amaze you with our glittering work but, we are still only human.

When you receive the first draft of any piece of design work, whether it’s your branding, a poster or full website; you need to give informative feedback.

  1. Aspects that you like
  2. Areas that you’re not keen on
  3. Parts that you hate and must never see again
  4. How you envisioned it looks in your brain
  5. Label what you don’t like about the piece.

You could try and give design thoughts but, don’t expect a great deal of compliance there.  You hired a designer, remember.


WARNING:  Never ever say ANY of the following:

  • Can you move that bit down a couple clicks?
  • Have you tried doing it the other way round?
  • What about making it move?
  • My wife had a look and she doesn’t like it.
  • One of the girls said it’s not sparkly enough.
  • Don’t you do many of these?
  • I’ve done a sketch, can you do it the same?

You will get a polite auto-response that will be telling you to f*** off (Politely)

If you hire a decorator and just tell them to “make my living room look better”.  What do you expect will happen?

Treat your designer the way you would any tradesman or specialist.

You’re welcome.

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