The web, internet or interwebs if you like; has gone through some pretty huge changes in it's short life.

From the early days of slow-loading and very plain, basic pages to the downright insane designs with glitter GIF's and flashing imagery.

To the height of web design, with lots of short pages because we were too lazy to scroll... to now... scrolling is what we do


Web design has changed a lot since its birth. Now every website has to look great and more importantly, work great on any/every device. Too many sharks are charging extra money for responsive web design, when it should be a standard requirement.


Steve Jobs once said "Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works". With web design, that could not be more true. A real web designer will look at how your website works, a shark will see how well it looks.


Since our first web site in 1999, we have always ensured that every site is created to the clients specification and finished to a high standard that we are very proud of. We want you to tell all of your friends about us, so it has to be perfect.

"Don't ya wish your website was hot like me?"

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The 3d rule:

If you already have a domain, great. If you don't, you need to keep it short and simple.
If you have to spell it out to people, it's wrong and you need to rethink.

Decide what you want from your website, how you want it to look, what colours and imagery do you want
to use and who is your site going to be aimed at?

Give us all of the information that you can possibly think of. From the look to the actions.
The more details we have, the faster and smoother we can complete the project

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